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Hmmm.. Late German Facist School of Art? He wasn't terribly good at perspective either.

Mean Joe

I wouldn't have traded you the shirt for the Coke if you weren't gonna be happy wearing it.


The wallpaper makes that photo. :)


CGG -- the best part is that "That 70's Kitchen" still looks exactly like that, although the wallpaper is peeling a teeny bit at the seams.


And I wouldn't be surprised if the cake platter was still somewhere in your Dad's kitchen as well as that shirt in your closet.


I as a young dork would have made you as a young dork look positively Fonzie.

Cynthia Closkey

That is The. Best. Dorkus. Photo. Ever.


OMG... I thought the "wallpaper" was a shower curtain! I was trying to figure out why your birthday was being celebrated in the bathroom...

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